Mannamót – Natural Iceland Tourism Workshop

Event Information

Mannamót – Natural Iceland Tourism Workshop is held on Thursday 18th 2018.

Mannamót is an annual event taking place in Reykjavík, hosted by six marketing offices around Iceland.

Visitors can expect to see around 200 companies, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to walk around, explore, experience, talk, laugh and taste. Take notice that no meetings are booked. Invitations are sent out to travel agencies and tour operators, employees at hotels and guesthouses, information centres, airlines, guides, tourism students and teachers, Promote Iceland and PR offices, the Icelandic Tourist Board, the government of tourism and other parties interested in or working in tourism.

Admission for visitors is free and the event is set up for informal communication. No meetings are booked, but remember to bring your contact information and happy outgoing spirit. We request that visitors register so we can send you updates and prepare ourselves with regard to how many will be attending the event.  

Visitor Registration for mannamót  PHOTOS FROM MANNAMÓT EVENTS